Sunday Morning Worship

Due to the Corona virus restrictions, TPC will have our Sunday morning service available online.  The service will start at 10:00AM* on Sunday mornings.  We plan on starting the live feed about 15 minutes before service starts.  If you get to the site too early, you may have to refresh the webpage to start the feed in your browser window. 
If you don't have a FaceBook account, just click the link below;     
 TPC's Live Feed  @
If you have a facebook account, login & click the link below;
Facebook link will not work if you are not logged in before you click it.
Facebook may require you to use an app on mobile devices to view the live video.
If The Live Stream Isn't Working
Its most likely that the networks are overloaded.  You will need to view the video after the live event has ended and most other Sunday morning services have been completed.  I was able to stream up to 1080p from the church.  Facebook only allowed 720p @ 30fps during our tests.
Service videos will be moved to our YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to the "The Princeton Church Princeton Indiana" channel on YouTube to make finding them easier. 
Audio only recordings of the sermons are available under the media tab. 
{*All Times Are Central Standard Time}
Please join us in thanking the ""
for providing this service.  It is a great tool to have to
reach people for Christ
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